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recent work


History Channel challenged GuestStar to create the 2009 Ice Road Truckers promo package, show open, and teaser spot. GuestStar responded by ‘breaking through’ with highly textured, explosive compositions. 3D ice elements modeled with chunks of pavé were utilized ‘up front - and close’, forcing viewers to the rough and tumble edge of arctic trucking.

GuestStar cuts into another big brand for the History Channel by creating the 2009 Ax Men show open and promo package. Rivetted with dogged texture and movement, GuestStar brings the fortitude and filth of one of the world’s most dangerous industries to the flatscreen.

Throughout the second half of the 08-09 NHL Season, Versus Network has featured GuestStar’s ‘Push To The Playoffs’ promo brand, drawing fans to witness what teams make their mark, and who gets marked up. Mantras from Versus’s script are ‘tattooed’ on player gear as the season’s bump and grind takes it toll.

Hussar Films and The History Channel called on GuestStar to brand their 2009 long-format promo. A 3D model was created using future show titles that were composed dimensionally, providing infastructure for History’s ‘H’ logo. ‘Camera’ movement allowed for unique perspectives on History Channels programming this year. (Edit, audio, and producer: Hussar Films.)

The marketing team at The History Channel approached GuestStar to create a ‘co-op’ promo spot for Fidelity Investments, utilizing the audacious spirit of Expedition: Africa. Fidelity Investment’s ‘navigational circle disk’ brand traces the narrative of Expedition and creates motivation throughout. We provided edit, VO mix, design and composite.

GuestStar arrives with another ‘Victory’ for Versus Network with their ‘Show Me Your V’ promo spot. Clips of sports, fan, as well as ‘run-and-gun’ enthusiast footage were collected to create an animated ‘scrapbook’ of ‘V’ inspired moments. GuestStar’s live action cast of cut and paste composition spun-off the perfect ‘DIY’ anthem.

Comcast’s Entertainment Sports Package promo campaign ‘leaves nothing’! The controlled chaos weaves elegantly through Comcast’s marketing promo by means of hard hitting roto’d football, basketball, and professional cheerleader footage. (for Blue Design, Machinery)

Currently ‘in-progress’, GuestStar and team is developing Versus’ HD identity sceduled to go on-air Dec. 2008. Versus has been known to say “Nobody Trains To Lose” and that includes us! Take a look at a variety of concept ‘winners’ that have been developed thus far and check back in a few weeks to see the ‘results’.

GuestStar and team accept a dark mission with The History Channel’s Shadow Force. Using various types of camouflage to literally construct and conceal graphics, the promo package provides insight to the show’s main theme of infiltration, stealth, survival, and target elimination. (for Hussar Films)

CBS College Sports required a programming package for their SEC Postgame Show sponsored by Geico. A 3D map of SEC states was created to feature footage from as many conference teams as possible in a seamless animation. The package was delivered in HD1080i, including over 12 different deliverables.

Right-On Studio and DCODE called on GuestStar to conceptualize storyboards for ESPN’s 2008 MLB Home Run Derby. Because the event took place (for the last time) in old Yankee Stadium - around the 4th of July, an All American Rock Star Monster Concert concept was created. Abreau, Rodriguez etc., each stepped onstage for their ‘solo riff’!


YES Network called on GuestStar to create the Yankees 2008 MLB Season Promo Package in HD, commemorating the Yanks’ last season in the House That Ruth Built. The package encompassed nearly 40 different animated deliverables, including generic :30 and :20 spots, as well as custom player endtags all created in HD 1080i. Style with ease...
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