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Compelling, dimensional, and communicative, gueststar creates dynamic, integrated branding content for broadcast~broadband~and environment. Based in NYC, we are experienced visual experts, working closely with marketing objectives, and fluent in the language of image creation/ brand promotion/media production.

gueststar develops concepts that charge cohesive brands with energy giving them
unified impact. Our team consists of highly experienced visionaries of varied backgrounds, lifestyles, and strengths. This fusion of experience, and brand awareness gives gueststar unique insight into the forces drive our client's message.

gueststar's work and reputation, stands for itself by means of embellishing provided assets with creative inspiration and deft execution. We conceive, write, script, design, shoot, edit, composite, and animate...

...integrated marketing campaigns for broadcast and broadband

...promotional and broadcast identities for entertainment and sports programming

...graphic~animated~live action spots and long format presentations for advertising/marketing agencies

gueststar is operated by Curt Neumann; with over 15 years experience creating for networks from Sesame Street to Fox Sports, and brands as diverse as Mercedes-Benz to Ram Trucks. In the past decade, Curt has collected many BDA/Promax Gold's~Silver's, 5 Emmy's, and a iD Design Annual award as director of gueststar and with previous employers. He has a BS in Visual Communication from U. of De. with a strong concentration in photography, bookmaking, and painting. Curt frequently works with an array of artists who can envision and execute the immersive environments and tactile qualities of design and imagery~in motion...  Curt lives and works in NYC... (

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